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Zombies Transform Vancouver Into Sodom

The first Zombie Walk caused confusion in Vancouvertown, what is a home of many weak dogs who could not fend off such creature.

Zombies overlapped with an anti-war protest causing resentment at their decadence. Police followed the zombies, believing them to be part of the anti-war protest, and prepared to prevent them from reaching the Holy US Consulate.

Clitoral Mass!

Clitoral Mass happened Friday, August 19th, 2005 and it was the Best Time!! 35 ladies, which is a good amount, but could have been better - Ladies?! - met at the Art Gallery and drove around Vancouver on our Bikes.

Then we met some Fine masculine individuals who gave us chocolates. This was at a beach, just past the Jericho Sailing Club.


A mutation of golf called "street golf" or "crossgolf" is Going On!

The street, aka the 19th hole, is fancy! There is more stuff around and so you get more of a challenge than with the so-called "golf course" what is more like a glorified lawn. The "golf course" costs money too!!! With the street golf you just need to wrap some tape or something around your ball so if it hits a window (or a friend) there are no tears.

Dance Like Hell: Electrocize Edition!

Dance Like Hell #3

Dance Like Hell #3 was a bloodbath. At the end the feet were bleeding and there was some tears related to the passion of the dance. We got pictures of the feet but not the tears.

Andy set up a nice sound system which was great because the music was louder and it gave the impression to the guy that showed up to dance that we really were professional and not just playing around you know.

All in all it was quite a dancing time!