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An anonymous source relayed these telling photographs exposing the infiltration of a squirrel, known by some as "Finnegan", into a litter of puppies. The squirrel's handler, Debby Cantlon, was able to provide "Finnegan" with a key relationship. Cantlon introduced the squirrel to a pregnant dog named Mademoiselle Giselle who, after a brief period, came to have complete trust in "Finnegan".

Indeed, after giving birth Giselle encouraged the squirrel to suckle her amongst her pups. The squirrel allegedly quckly became comfortable with this lifestyle, often napping after feeding.

How about that fog, eh?

In Vancouver, Canada, we have had that fog every night for a week. This is unusual.

Don't let a genre fool 2 U!

Well, I saw this movie and it was really scary. I couldn't believe how cold and inhuman all these people were! It was no good and it made me barf up. (Well, I just dry heaved cause I had nothing down there to come out.)

My Barbarian: You Were Born Poor And Poor You Will Die, An Inhuman Sacrifice

Ever since I sent them a eFanMail, My Barbarian put me on their mailing list. Check out what they're doing at Performa O5 :

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50 Horror Classics

I am not one who subscribes to the current madness many people have of purchasing their own DVD libraries. The evidence is everywhere one need only open any paper and find it littered with flyers from Best Buy, Future shop, A&B sound or just about any other major chain you can think of. They all have the same bunch of DVD's for sale "Modern Classics" Spider Man, Con Air, Jumanji, and Bridge over the River Kwai, Pretty Woman and Fist Full of dollars.

The Art of NASA: Robotic Cocks and Ballerinas

People say NASA does not care about art, but they are wrong. In a video hosted on their website they show the "dance" between humanity and technology, symbolized by a lady dancing with a robot "appendage". The robot's movements are jerky, but it faithfully follows the lead of the graceful human showing the poetry of this intimate relationship that continues to grow in importance to all of us.

Video here.

David Byrne! Fatboy Slim! Imelda Marcos - the Musical!

David Byrne and Fatboy Slim are collaborating on a musical about the life of Imelda Marcos.

"'It was a non-stop party, featuring politicians, arms dealers, financiers, artists, musicians and the international jetset,' said an Adelaide festival spokesman.

'Here Lies Love recreates and musically updates that buoyant mood in a music and theatrical event...'"

Here Lies Love is scheduled to premiere in Adelaide, Australia, in March 2006.

Dance Like Hell: A Video!

Experience a magic of Dance Like Hell. Video here!

Samurai Car Stencil Guy!

Well, here we have some Home Style Art. Look at those hands!

Whenever the personality of the artist comes out in the art, U know it is gettin' good. Any body can trace a samurai and put it on their car. But not any body can make hands like these.

The mark of an individual separates the good from the bad in the World of the Arts.

By Malcolm van Delst