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Repent Sinner You Stole My Heart

Special Valentine for everyone from me to the world. But specially that valentine what inspired it. -Brent Morley

Midnight in the Garden of Beers and History

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The JTP closed its doors on Dec 29th after pouring beers for over 100 years. I had heard about this closing but it hadn't set in, until once while strolling down West Hastings between Hornby and Howe I noticed its boarded up front. The JTP was certainly a Vancouver landmark, many a stock broker was heard to lament of its closing, as that had been the place to go after a day of trading. Renowned for its comfortable atmosphere, and warm welcome from the regulars, it is no more. It will soon be demolished for yet another condo tower.

Raid On the Castle of the Dwarf King

Portrait of FrogStyle Correspondent Morley

Here is portrait of FrogStyle correspondant Brent Morley (click on it to enlarge).

The FrogStyle Way is always about makin' some frands!

Welcome Wagon

Found outside the back door of our new place last weekend:

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The text reads:
I AM At JaiL Because I StoL A 14 corrot GolD rinG. And the cops found out. I DiD that. Now IM sentensed four yeaRs in JaiL.

DouMle o

International Male

You want to look so good. You are sensitive, but confident. You understand the importance of hygiene and grooming. You are cultured. You follow the arts, but that doesn't make you any less than 100% masculine. You are international, male.

- Wide leg gabardine pants

On "My Week with Wilma," "Your Psycho Girlfriend," "International Male" and some other stuff

Well, I have not posted 2 a story in a while, on account of moving, having a ballet music 2 write and a video 2 edit.

It is sad when I cannot post 2 a story.

I will post 2 this one:

My Week with Wilma

Free Business Stock Photography

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Source: Screenhead

Spy Scribbles

Leafing through the notebook of a spy is similar to leafing through that of a schizophrenic. Fragmented mentions of government agencies, unintelligable symbolism, and arcane grudges fill the pages. From this online scan of an American spook operating from the US Consulate in Iraq in the 1970s, a little joke about Attilio Teruzzi:


A satirical zombie short called "Homecoming", directed by Joe Dante, is to air on Showtime this weekend. The movie apparently starts with a planeload of coffins containing American soldiers arriving from Iraq. A journalist is reported to be taking pictures of the coffins, inducing a number of soldiers to investigate. The coffins suddently begin shaking, one after the other, then burst open revealing undead soldiers.