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Note that we've played, um, loose with the categories so the first 3 especially, are practically meaningless.


News 4 A 1
Reich 4.0

Bullshit Jobs

Many of us have worked bullshit jobs. They come in all flavours, but some of the worst are of the corporate, white-collar variety.

Cryptome Celebrates 10th Anniversary

"Our goal is to be the most disreputable publisher on the Net, just after the world's governments and other highly reputable bullshitters." -John Young

In the wake of the return of Pirate Bay, another notorious website is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Amnesty Int'l Transparent Bus Shelter Ads in Switzerland

Images of atrocities happening around the world, printed on clear backgrounds and affixed to bus shelter windows so it looks like the suffering ones are right there, on the street.

"It's not happening here but it's happening now," says the tagline, in either French or German.

Amnesty Int'l Ad Campaign in Switzerland

Woman sells DNA on Ebay

"You will have the right to replicate my genetic code as much and however you desire.*"

DNA on Ebay

Some Weird Old Shit

A Guy What Hates My Work, Sent this 2 Me. It is the story of "Little Red Riding Hood," written in 1940 by a French professor, H. L. Chace, "to show his students that intonation - that is, the melody of a language - is an integral part of its meaning."


The Pigs and I

The cops put me in jail for no reason, so my friend, a web app developer, made an open source web site for the public to log complaints against the police:

Then we made this video, "The Pigs and I"
1) to have some fun,
2) to bring attention to injustices perpetuated by the police and

International FestEVIL!

Yes, it's true! There will be a Vancouver cell of the International FestEVIL!

Wherever you are in the world, on:

Tues., Jun. 6, at 6:06:06 pm, make some

NOISE! Celebrate! Protest!

In Vancouver, you can join with other FestEVIL participants at the:

Vancouver Public Library,
350 West Georgia Street

Arrr... The Pirate Bay Returns

The Pirate Bay, the torrent site famous for mocking Hollywood's legal threats, is back online, only days after a police raid in Sweden, executed by approximately 50 officers, confiscated their servers (and the servers of many others at the same datacentre, affecting 200-300 unrelated websites).

Messages What I Like

If u write a good email message, people will b more likely 2 go 2 uor show, or event.

4 instants, this lady said:

I have suffered for gotta come see!

So, even while she suffered, she was like, all Cheerleader and everything. That is good. Embrace uor experiences and celebrate it up!

Vern Robinson: To Laugh or Cry?

Finally, Americans in North Carolina can safely stop turning to television and radio entertainment programming for comedy. Why? Vernon Robinson, for starters. Only, I hope you like your comedy black.