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Cold Malcolm's Quick Guide to SEO for Drupal

Here's what Drupal has for keyword extraction:


Here's a comparison of these 2 modules: No. 1, Integrated Metatags, is still in beta but about 707 projects are using it anyway.

Here's 2 lists/overviews of Drupal's most popular modules for SEO:

1. (Feb. 2009)
2. (Jun. 2008)

A presentation given at Drupalcamp, Colorado, on SEO: (Jun. 2009)

Lastly, a tutorial on SEO optimization: (Sept. 2006)

Lastly, a couple other new SEO modules:

1. (Mar. 2009)
2. (Apr. 2009)

cool links. I see you like

cool links. I see you like drupal so much ;) But it's really great.

I agree with author.

I agree with author.

Cut and paste

Why would you think I cut and pasted it from somewhere else? Because it's direct and to the point?

wow great

nice article man, i don't know why i have seen the theme of the article some where else.....??!!! have you copy pasted ? anyways good work if not copy pasted. keep up the good work.

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Thank you for these SEO

Thank you for these SEO tutorials and guidlines for drupal blogger. Definitely help me to make my blog better.
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This is highly recomanded post for me . Thank you Drupal for your blog, please update your post regularly., I am waiting for the new.

Some great links. Thanks a

Some great links. Thanks a lot.


Is there any similar module in Joomla? I'd like to use Drupal buy my workplace has already choose Joomla.


Nice post! Thanks for the useful information.. :) A great help for beginners like me THanks Kim

Thanks for the post. These

Thanks for the post. These tips are really worth seeing. You made a great job having compared it. Undoubtedly very good selection. Glad ti see that there are still people who share info with others...I appreciate it!


I think it's great that Drupal is being active in providing an easy way for users to engage in proper SEO techniques.


Thanks for sharing the information. It is definitely going to help me some time.


Ah, interesting. I came across something similar some time back.

Hope you haven't copy pasted

Hope you haven't copy pasted this from somewhere else ;). Nice post.

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