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Senior Style: Electric Wheelchairs Aren't Just for the Disabled Anymore!

The stigma of electric wheelchairs is on the wane and it's about time. With global warming encroaching, things are heating up... in the fashion world as well as the "environment".

Electric wheelchairs, once monopolized by the disabled, are gaining new cachet with energy conscious early adapters. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article on the phenomenon:
On a recent afternoon at Walt Disney World, Dennis Robles was cruising around on an electric "mobility scooter" that the park usually rents out to people with disabilities. Mr. Robles doesn't have a problem walking -- he says he was simply saving up energy for late-night dancing.

In addition to classic electric wheelchairs, the market adds some daring options, including the Tank Chair, an off-road wheelchair for those with a thirst for the edge.

Also, for those wanting the retro stylings of non-electric wheelchairs, there is the Power Trike which attaches a third powered wheel to a conventional wheelchair. Sacrifice style for speed? Never.

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