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Hot 1" Action, a B-B-B-Button Show

Hello. There were these guys, Chris Bentzen and Jim Hoehlne, and they made a button show. It was year number 3 for that.

This year it was at the Gallery Gachet.

I had a Button in that Show.

And I went and Made Some New Friends.

NOTE: I just posted the video to google video. If you want to see a clearer version, that shows off the buttons and artwork better, follow this link, click the downwards facing arrow in the bottom right corner and choose "original size." - If you feel so inclined, please 2 leave me a message (last in the list of blue links, to the right of the video screen). While the above, image-linked Youtube version records how many people view it, the Google one doesn't.

Well, U should go 2 it next year.


Cold Malcolm's Video Report on Youtube
Cold Malcolm's Video Report on Google
Hot 1" Action, Gallery 2006
Trikeaband (the Band What Played at the Button Show)
Gallery Gachet

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