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DJ Micheal Cantelon and My Self, MC Malcolm van Delst have secured up Andy's 3rd Floor Studio, 120 E. Cordova, Thursday, June 15, 2006, from 7 pm to 9 pm.

This is 2 partially replace the Very Fine Class, What is put on by Jane Ellison at the Western Front, while she goes away for 2 1/2 months. I am a One what will Miss her.

My Brazillian friend, Mia, who has studied yoga and sacred dance in India, has offered to do a yoga/stretch warm up/down. She requests that people bring yoga mats, if they have them, or cushions or folded sheets. Also, she will incorporate... Aikido Moves!

Some Recapping:

Andy's 3rd Floor Studio,
120 E. Cordova (at Columbia),
Thursdays, starting June 15, 2006,
7 pm to 9 pm

Free movement, bookended by yoga/stretch/aikido.
Musics by Michael Cantelon: Electro-Housin' it up!
SECURE Indoor Bike Parking!
Donations requested by not Required.

Please come!


T 604-872-6267


I have to disagree. If my feet looked like that I don't think I'd like it.


U WILL like it! ; )

The Agony of Da Feet

Dance Like Hell changes your feets' molecular structures I think! :o

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