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VOKRA: Animal Advocates or "Cheap Criminals" ?

Frogstyle have come across the document alleging that VOKRA, a Vancouver organization that claims to protect the animals, are in the actual a "gang of thieves" that "will take anything saleable, with healthy and beautiful cats fetching the highest prices."

The author of the document claims these "cheap criminals" have already abducted his or her "silver-grey-spotted tabby". If these disturbing allegations are true then pet owners should be really on the watch and even Malcolm Junior who will occasionally go outside if it is not raining.

The press release is currently visable on the corner of Ontario Street and 10th Avenue.

What bullshit!

That is such a bizarre allegation that I can only assume that whomever wrote it eight years old or has recently had a lobotomy. I have volunteered for VOKRA over the years, and let me assure you, they are NOT in it for the money. Yes, they trap cats- to spay and neuter and release them, for feral and needy animals, not random housepets! The cost of adoption exists to cover costs of spaying/ neutering/ shots etc. and NO money goes into the pockets of any VOKRA affiliate, it is a NON-PROFIT volunteer organization. If you had seen the amount of orphaned kittens, only hours old, saved by hourly round the clock bottle feeding, or the adult ferals that they have cared for and treated you wouldn't even consider making these sort of outrageous accusations. Honestly, it's because of ideas like these that so many unwanted animals are put down- people would rather spend their money in more 'fun' ways that to spay and neuter their companion animals. If you place so little value on your animal, what will stop you from just putting them down the first time they need medical attention?? Thank god there is an adoption fee to weed out people like you.


I am pleased to see that the article you posted said "allegedly" which is in my opinion very appropriate! Although I can only speak for myself and what I have seen, as an active member of this 100% non-profit volunteer organization, my only suggestion to the author of the posted note in question, is: "If you were taking care of your cat, preferably inside, there is NO WAY that it would have been MISTAKEN for a feral or abandoned feline. I do not know what makes you believe that it was us who took it, but I am positive if you were to inform us in a positive and non-threatening way (and perhaps pay the veterinary bills associated with the animal) you would have no trouble in getting your pet back! We only adopt out cats after cleaning them up, establishing they are healthy (or doing what is necessary to make it so (on our own expense) then having them fostered until a suitable (inspected) home is found. The money goes toward the vet and care bills ONLY. Note: We do spay/neuter caught outdoor cats if they appear to be abandoned as they produce many unwanted litters starting at 5 months of age, most kittens of which die at a very young age if they survive birth. The ferals are released to the same area they were found, but now are unable to populate the streets with unhealthy animals. P.S. At least get some facts before making such accusations, as you would easily be able to find out that all our cats have the identical prices, and the vets we work with could assure you that they don't do their work for free! Thank you to Mike for bringing this note to my attention, so I have the opportunity to inform others of the truth. Please check it out yourself via our website, or contacting us! Thanks, Nikki

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