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Dance Like Hell #3

Dance Like Hell #3 was a bloodbath. At the end the feet were bleeding and there was some tears related to the passion of the dance. We got pictures of the feet but not the tears.

Andy set up a nice sound system which was great because the music was louder and it gave the impression to the guy that showed up to dance that we really were professional and not just playing around you know.

All in all it was quite a dancing time!

And that is something to like every week. Dance Like Hell!

Tracks what were played:

01. Underground Resistance - Transition
02. A Number of Names - Shari Vari (Ectomorph remix)
03. Green Velvet - Leave my body
04. Model 500 - Sound of Stereo
05. Shizuo - Makin' Love
06. Richard Bartz - Symphonies of Midnight
07. Swayzak - I Dance Alone
08. Slave of Rome - Caligula
09. Adult - New Object (Edit)
10. Vitalic - Pony Part 1
11. David Carretta - Vicious Game
12. Bangkok Impact - Junge Dame
13. Fannypack - Camel Toe
14. Gravy Train!!! - Sippin' 40z
15. Green Velvet - Stalker
16. Phoenecia - Odd Job (Adult remix)
17. Hakan Lidbo - Kiki de Montparnasse
18. Adult - Paranoid Vision
19. Steve Bug - The Morning After
20. Mu - We Love Guys Named Luke
21. Hakan Lidbo - 100 Specimens
22. Andrea Parker - Freaky Bitches
23. Dave Clarke - She's in Parties
24. Richard Bartz - Shake, Shake Sexolette
25. Shizuo - Sweat
26. KT-19941 - Face Your Fate

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