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re: Vacation (Mike)


Clitoral Mass!

Clitoral Mass happened Friday, August 19th, 2005 and it was the Best Time!! 35 ladies, which is a good amount, but could have been better - Ladies?! - met at the Art Gallery and drove around Vancouver on our Bikes.

Then we met some Fine masculine individuals who gave us chocolates. This was at a beach, just past the Jericho Sailing Club.

After the chocolates, Kari, one of the Clitoral Mass organizers, brought out some wine. In the end, we had lots to drink and some things to eat, including Margaritas. The Margaritas were supplied by Jim Hoehlne with his bicycle powered mixer. (Other people rode the mixer bike, too.) Thank you for the chocolates, Conrad, and Jim. Well, it was a great time. Personally, I met the raddest Chicks and talked to some other Good Ones that I hadn't seen for awhile. If there is ever a Clitoral Mass again and you are Female or Female Identified, you should go. Thank you, Kari.

Men, you should come to the After Party.

Posted by Malcolm - 2005-08-25, 17:15:03

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